Huy Vietnam            


Founded in 2006, Huy Vietnam has pioneered a rapid growth to become one of the leaders and largest self-managed food and beverage companies in Vietnam. Huy Vietnam is currently operating more than 200 restaurants throughout the whole of Vietnam, including the famous brands Mon Hue, Pho Ong Hung, Great Banh Mi & Cafe and Pho 99.

Famous for authentic, affordable, delicious, healthy and home-grown Vietnamese cuisine catering to all regions and tastes of its customers (eg pho, com, banh mi), Huy Vietnam has listened to its supportive and loyal customers by expanding its food and beverage offerings, including international and sophisticated cuisines:

Due to its’ customer requests, culinary preferences and hunger to experience new foods and tastes, Huy Vietnam is always developing new and exciting brands and food concepts, which shall be coming soon!

What all of the Huy Vietnam restaurants have in common, is Huy Vietnam’s trademark symbol of quality food, service commitment, reliability and consistency in taste: that is Huy Vietnam’s persistent commitment to its customers and that is why Huy Vietnam’s motto has always been “simply good food”. Did you know Huy Vietnam is only one of a few food and beverage companies in Vietnam with an internationally accredited ISO 22000:20005 and HACCP quality certificate for its food standards, safety and handling.

Such commitment has been recognized and rewarded by Huy Vietnam winning the “Best Choice in F&B – Vietnamese Cuisine” (The Brand Laureate) for the past 2-3 years (2017, 2018 and 2019).

Huy Vietnam is excited about the next phase of its development and growth, and the opportunity to serve its customers even better.

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