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Corporate Profile

Founded in 2006, Huy Vietnam, in just a few short years, has grown rapidly to become the largest self-managed, local Vietnamese food restaurant company in Vietnam — Asia’s newest economic tiger.

At present, Huy VietNam is operating about 140 restaurants, staying in prime locations with high-traffic in Ho Chi Minh city, including four famous brands – Món HuếPhở Ông Hùng, Great Bánh mì & cafe, Cơm Thố CháyPhở 99Iki sushi, Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant, TP Tea and Mi Quang Bep Tam – attracting a huge number of familiar and frequent customers. Mon Hue serves various flavor of Vietnamese cuisine, an authentic royal style called Hue cuisine. Pho Ong Hung has been a favourite brand in cuisine community for years. With a lot of experience in cooking delicious and nutritious food, Com Tho Chay is also known as the restaurant serving high quality meal at a good price. Great Banh Mi & Cafe is a new brand of Huy VietNam but it receives many support from customers and become popular in the community, which is developing quickly and widely. Pho 99 is a very familiar brand to the expatriates, positioning in high-end luxurious style with an extensive menu, rich of Vietnamese culinary tradition, bringing a special experience to the diners. Iki sushi brings you the space you are enjoying right at the fish market in the Japanese fishing village. Shilla is a luxury Korean restaurant. Meals are prepared by the chef from the land of kimchi to make sure the traditional taste. Mi Quang Bep Tam will bring you to Hoi An Street with modern design, comfortable environment - Mi Quang Bep Tam will be the destination can not be ignored. Thus, you and your family experience the charm and sophistication of Vietnamese cuisine.
In the future, Huy Vietnam will launch some new brands to customers, including TP Tea and Captain Crawfish . TP Tea is well known milk tea brand in Taiwan will be the best place for milk tea addict in Vietnam. Last but not least is Captain Crawfish - the most famous restaurant with dishes related to crawfish.

Unlike other restaurateurs serving Vietnamese food in the country, we are pioneers, being the first international and professionally managed restaurant company with established brand recognition in Vietnam. Moreover, besides our professionalism and multi-brand strategies, our unique business model is a true reflection of the management’s experience, spanning over two decades, in the food and beverage industry in the US, the PRC and Vietnam. Their in-depth knowledge regarding our target market’s culinary tastes and preferences is also an important factor contributing to our success to date. Our unique approach extends to direct food sourcing and the utilization of central kitchens, which ensure economies of scale, and consistency in taste, safety and quality of our food throughout all our restaurants.

At our heart, Huy Vietnam’s principal focus has always been to offer diners simply good food — Vietnamese cuisine that is not only delicious, affordable, authentic and healthy but also consistently delectable and of the highest quality — throughout our three restaurant chains. We are expanding rapidly, and always evaluating new prime locations that provide us with superb dining exposure, but we will never lose sight of this focus. It is the bedrock of our success to date and integral to our success going forward.