Vision Statement by Chairman
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Vision Statement by Chairman

Huy Vietnam is embarking upon our next stage of evolutionary expansion at the perfect time and place. Populous Vietnam, Asia’s newest tiger and one of the world’s most open economies, is home to a rapidly growing middle class of mainly young professionals and nuclear families who already have a robust culture of dining out.

Hand in hand with rising incomes is the desire for safe, high quality and delicious high-value foods that stay true to the Vietnamese palate, and Món Huế, Cơm Thố Cháy , Great Bánh mì & cafePhở Ông HùngIki sushiPhở 99, Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant, TP Tea and Mi Quang Bep Tam menus are painstakingly tailored to meet these needs. Thus, it is no surprise that our brands have quickly gained a rich and loyal customer base.

To bring Huy Vietnam’s story successfully to more and more people, our visionary and experienced management team realizes that we must continue to do the basics right. We must continue to maintain high operational efficiency, and keep a close eye on our multi-brand strategies so that they always tap their different targeted market segments appropriately. In 2013, for instance, we started timely catering and delivery services in response to our customers’ busier lifestyles. We must also maintain the highest levels of restaurant chain professionalism to ensure a strong presence in the pick of Vietnam’s top-tier cities.

On top of doing the basics right, we have formulated a prudent growth strategy to bring Huy Vietnam continued long-term success. We will expand to Hanoi in the second half of 2014 and to Vietnam’s other large metropolises soon after. Our other endeavors include: expanding the catering and delivery business; enhancing, expanding and optimizing our central kitchens; and fortifying relationships with food suppliers to maintain food safety and quality, and economies of scale.

Through the smooth execution of all these endeavors, we believe that Huy Vietnam will continue to generate higher returns for our shareholders while creating greater value for our employees and community.

Huy Nhat

Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer