Customer Service Prepaid cards




A. Program:
-Prepaid Card program applies to all restaurants of Mon Hue, Pho Ong Hung, Com Tho Chay and Pho 99.
1. Purpose:
-Prepaid Card is an incremental benefit service, which help clients to have more choice in payment method.
-This is a new payment method, allows the customers to build an incorporated payment account. It provides the convenience to customers when coming to the restaurant without carrying cash.
-Prepaid card as a form of gift with unlimited value
Prepaid Card program aim to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of customers.
2. Card registration:
-This program is only applicable for individuals aged 18 years or over and is citizen of Vietnam holding the identity card (ID CARD), foreigners with passport.
-When dining at the restaurant, the customer can request to register prepaid card.
3. Terms:
-The program applies from the day of 15/04/2015 until further notice.
4. The face value of the card:
-Customers can register new card or debit more money into your account with the following Face value:


Face Value


Sale price (included VAT)


1.000.000 VNĐ


850.000 VNĐ


2.000.000 VNĐ


1.600.000 VNĐ

                 (Face value for registering new card and debit is unlimited)
5. Conditions.
-Prepaid card is used for paying the incurring dining services at restaurant chains of Mon Hue, Pho Ong Hung, Com Tho Chay and Pho 99.
-Do not apply for payment of fees: new subscription/reissue Membership card, buy new/make debit into prepaid card, make payment for big bowl challenge.
-Cannot combine with membership card, Vouchers and other forms of payment.
-Cannot combine with other promotions (combo, discounts, ...).
-The amount of money in your account cannot be converted into cash.
-Prepaid card is valid for payment only when the amount in the account is greater than the amount of the bill.