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Great bread & Cafe - a new brand of Huy Viet Nam, owner chains Mon Hue restaurant system,  Pho Ong HungCom Tho ChayPho 99Iki SushiShilla Korean BBQ RestaurantTP Tea and Mi Quang Bep Tam

Huy Viet Nam was established in 2007, spending a short time in the rapidly developing successful food processing company restaurant between supply food product Viet Nam's biggest food is seen as an economic tiger's latest  Asia.  Company has more than 100  Restaurant operations prime locations, cities, parks Aquatic Center three famous brands Mon Hue RestaurantCom Tho Chay and Pho Ong Hung get of ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP attracted a large customer base, familiar and often.

Huy Viet Nam has introduced new brand through you voices Great Bread & Cafe first branch at No. 41 Le Thi Rieng, Ben Thanh ward, District 1 will change new vision fantasy world basic standards  to combine Bread tradition and modernity..

Leadership the Great Breads & Cafe ribbon cutting grand opening 

Great Bread is standardized from recruitment material resources to the process of melting the consumer, with the message "very tasty and the healthy" Great bread not only would like to bring to customers the feel taste delicious but also ensure absolute in quality food and provide nutrients to the user.


The menu Great bread & Cafe

Under cleverly pulled the hands and creativity of the professional kitchen, Great bread recipe 5 separate variables, keep taste of the Ministry, by sweetens, yellow crab balls. Enjoy the cake bakery and cafe Great ears diners will feel bread tradition of Sai Gon, brittle hot outside, inside very soft  with full meat pie, ham, pate, pig's head paste and vegetables , fresh pineapple on hand make you adore  first look..

Special  Great Banh mi

Kèm với ổ Great bánh mì hấp dẫn là ly cà phê hảo hạng được làm từ những hạt cà phê tươi sạch, nguyên chất được tuyển chọn kĩ càng. Sự kết hợp hòa quyện giữa ăn và uống này sẽ giúp thực khách có ngay bữa ăn ngon trọn vẹn.


Combo Great Bánh mì & Cafe

Staff Great Bread & Cafe 

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Fanpage Great Bánh mì& Cafe: www.facebook/greatbanhmi/

Address: 41 Le Thi Rieng Ben Thanh Quan Phuong 1.

Hotline: 0937 532 709          Delivery: 1800 1111