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About Mi Quang Bep Tam

If phở from the North is subtle, Mi Quang  from the Central is attractive noodle by the rustic goodness.

Mi Quang is a rustic but very  unique dish. The uniqueness is in the way of the transformation of things that appear in bowls of noodles. Depending on the raw materials available, with any meat, fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, frogs,... one can make a bowl of Mi Quang is delicious. This is thanks to the invariable core - the golden nests, the thick, hard and sliced think character that make up the soul of Mi Quang bowl.

Nowadays, people can easily enjoy noodle soup with a variety of attractive options, such as chicken Mi Quang, fish Mi Quang but to mention Mi Quang with "high quality", The right is the "four pillars" shrimp, chicken, eggs, meat. All of these are rimmed, when eaten chickens, not chewing; shrimp fragrant, firm; The meat turns sweet and the egg bites into both soft and fat will feel the deliciousness of the dish.

Come to Mi Quang Bep Tam to enjoy delicious Mi Quang from Hoi An.