Our Restaurants – About Pho Ong Hung
Our Restaurants Pho Ong Hung About Pho Ong Hung

Our Restaurants – About Pho Ong Hung

Pho Ong Hung, our newest high-quality brand of fast-casual, sit-down restaurants, stays true to our formula of providing healthy and appetizing Vietnamese cuisine for the everyday consumer. Emphasizing taste, food safety and direct food sourcing, the affordably priced Pho Ong Hung menu offers 10 popular and hearty pho-based dishes — well balanced for all palates, and certain to bring back customers who know and love good food.

Open daily from 6:30 am to 11 pm, each of our Pho Ong Hung restaurants at present is strategically located in or near high-density, high-traffic areas throughout Ho Chi Minh City, such as business districts, office buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes and public schools. The restaurants are also airy and sizable, with each one averagely covering a floor area of between 100 and 150 square meters. As such, they make for perfect dining spots for our target customers, ranging from middle-class families to office workers to blue-collar workers to students.

Each of our inviting Pho Ong Hung restaurants also provides swift carry out and delivery services from open to close, as well as professional-level catering services.

With our Pho Ong Hung brand successfully bringing healthy pho-based dishes back into the mainstream, we expect to increase the number of Pho Ong Hung restaurants in prime locations nationwide to 25 restaurants by the end of 2015, thus making Pho Ong Hung another important driver of Huy Vietnam’s robust growth.

For more information about our much-admired Pho Ong Hung restaurant brand, please visit www.phoonghung.com